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Ontwerpduo er et designsamarbeid mellom nederlandske Tineke Beunders og Nathan Wierink. Den kritikerroste duoen har fått mye publisitet rundt sine design, og da spesielt kammerlysestakene i stearin, "Tallow". Tallow lages for hånd i Nederland. Mer om Ontwerpduo:

Designers Nathan Wierink and Tineke Beunders - both graduated cum laude from the Design Academy in 2008 - just couldn't wait to get their imaginative paws immersed into the design marketplace. While studying, this duo nurtured the fledgling design studio. The pair make-up a formidable force, and business acumen aside, they admit they just couldn't delay the fun any longer.
Tineke's wistful approach blends perfectly with Nathan's mathematical line of attack, forging a mind challenging ambience that uses simplicity as the key.

Four years of fairytale-like designs later and the fact that they produce most of their installations from the ground up, including the tricky build process, will ensure that this innovative pair will continue to compete at a high level on a very spirited design forum.

Ontwerpduo is designing for their own collection >, products for different brands > and interior > for companies and private customers.  

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